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P.R.I.M.V.S believes that our client and consumers alike should benefit from our basic principle – and that is that whilst we undertake to avail YOU of top quality products we would like that the packaging enhances the overall pleasure of your purchase. It is our humble opinion that there is no reason to neglect the external attractiveness of any of our products whilst offering some of the best products possible. This does not by any means interpret either exorbitant or inaccessible prices. P.R.I.M.V.S desires your experience with us to be one of longevity and of total satisfaction.

P.R.I.M.V.S is “Premium Quality – Alluring Design – Discerning Clientele”


P.R.I.M.V.S is a lifestyle brand that is founded on principles that are inclusively and exclusively to cater for the needs of discerning customers. P.R.I.M.V.S is YOU first and always and to this end it will strive to be continuously innovative and ahead of the curve in its quest to satisfy YOU the client and consumer.

In launching P.R.I.M.V.S we have looked at the international market and are determined to buck the trend of presentation and offering PRIME P.R.I.M.V.S products that we hope will satisfy the needs of a broad spectrum of consumers. We are a brand that transcends national boundaries and as such we treat our consumers as one family in the knowledge that what we offer will keep P.R.I.M.V.S clients and consumers alike in the family.

From the onset the P.R.I.M.V.S founder had one mission and that was, is and will always be to offer the best quality at our behest and we will continuously strive to increment products we offer to client and consumer alike based on our principle of PRIME products for P.R.I.M.V.S for YOU.

At P.R.I.M.V.S we have a-product motto and that is “Care for Quality and Less for Quantity” and we would like that you the client and consumer, alike, to benefit from this.